Vid, Vidd, VIDEO!! :D

Vid, Vidd, VIDEO!! :D

So i FINALLY uploaded  a video on my youtube channel after so long, and i must say i’m feeling very proud of myself, even though it was rushed. I so excited for this holds in my future. I want to be  more dedicated and involved with my blogs/vlogs and regularly update it. So i’ve given myself a challenge, to upload at least one video every 2 weeks. It might not seem a lot to some, but for someone like me who never has anytime at all (and i mean no time at all!), 1 video every two weeks is a lot.

….So anyway, todays video was just a snappy intro to my channel and a bit about me. If you guys didn’t know already, i am a professional MUA and a Biomed student. I hope to expand my world via my vlogs and blogs and meet new and interesting people all over the world.

Looking forward to blogging and vlogging with you guys!

Kisses and Hugs… AJ xo


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