Not impressed!… :'(


So I recently had my nails done. Yesterday to be exact. Now I’m not one to complain but I really hate everything about these ones. First off, they are my real nails (which involuntarily got filed soo short and I’m trying to grow them), secondly; £25 for crappy childlike designs is a total ripoff! I spent 4 very long hours waiting for her to “mend” her mistakes. I guess the only good thing about these nails are the fact that she used gel instead of acrylic falsies…but bloody ‘ell!!!! It was a long ass day >.<

Anyway, please leave a comment or like the post to tell me what you think of my nails. Or maybe you just have a question about beauty, science, medicine, the iPhone 5 or anything random…. Feel free to ask 🙂 let’s keep it sweet and nice please! Xxx

P.s. I'm using the iPhone 5 to write this post and the previous ones… I must say though, so far so good! Loving it! 🙂 It's the 64GB white iPhone xx


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