Hello Gorgeous! ;)

Hello Gorgeous! ;)

It’s f-f-freezing outside and it’s snowing, so I’ve decided to stay indoors today. However, I am in a cheeky, fiesty mood today and feeling for some adventure, somewhere…ANYWHERE!! 😦 At the moment I’m bored senseless with nothing to do. I tried to go Oxf. St. for some beauty + shopping therapy…#EpicFail! Feet, legs, hands and face were frost bitten. To be honest I wasn’t dressed for this weather. I don’t own a normal coat, I wore platform wedges, jeggings and a blouse. I stepped out, walk down my road and came right back home :/ I will try my luck tomorrow need to hit the MAC and Shu Uemura ASAP! I’ll take pictures of what I buy 🙂

…Hope you’re all having a great? What are you all doing? Snowing/raining/boiling hot where you are? Let me know!

Kisses and hugs Gorgeous!
Lots of love, AJ xo 😉

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