The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award



Hey gorgeous! I’m so excited right now as I’ve just found out that I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Award by the beautiful Brittany Suleyman! Thank you for thinking of me! It means a lot to me to be recognised for something I love doing and It feels amazing to know that my work isn’t going unnoticed!

The Liebster Award is an award given to up-and-coming blogger with less than 200 followers.

The rules are:

Share 11 facts about yourself.

Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.

Ask 11 questions of your own.

Nominate 11 bloggers.

11 facts about myself :

1- My 3 loves in life: God/Jesus, my Family and People (everywhere)

2- When I was younger, my dream was to be a Doctor, Singer, Astronaut and an Actress…not much has changed really lol. Well, apart from the fact that I now love makeup and some girly things…#TomBoyAtHeart 🙂

3- I have 5 Brothers ,1 sister and a beautiful hyperactive niece! 🙂

4- My blog is called The Captain’s Daughter AJ because my Father was a Navy Capt. and I used to get called the Captain’s Daughter.

5- This blog was setup and inspired by my Father, who sadly passed away 2 years ago this coming Feb 2nd.

6- I love all things sports, especially water sports! I love participating rather than watching. I’d love to wakeboard or surf sometime 🙂

7- I have somewhat of a sweet tooth. Love everything caramel!

8- I’m a Biomed. and Medical student, Professional MUA, Fashion designer and a Singer 🙂

9- I love to experiment with Food in the kitchen. I just love cooking! Not much of a fast food junkie :/

10- I’m single, but VERY much happy 🙂

11- I love adventure and I’d love to Travel the world one day, Someday!

Awarders 11 questions for me

1- You could be doing anything right now, what would it be? Travelling and Meeting new people, exploring the world and other cultures…or Singing

2- If you could have any career what would you choose? That’s really hard! I guess a Doctor/Surgeon or a Successful Singer…I don’t know :/

3- You can only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would you watch? Another hard one! The notebook, White Chicks or The Passion of Christ…OR Tiranic! Or Avatar/My Sisters Keeper :/

4- If you could pick to either be a male or female knowing what you know, which gender would you pick? Female…I wouldn’t have it any other way! #GirlPower

5- You have the power to freeze at any age, what age would you want it to freeze on and why? 7/8 years old. Not the best time of my life, but I had All my family with me. My grams still lived with us, my dad was alive, I was confident and happy, family outings, my mum had my dad…to me that was pure bliss.

6- Whos your celebrity crush? I have a few and some older woman weird crush. Charles Michael Davis, Ryan Gosling, Chris Brown, Zac Efron, The Wayan Brothers…I have a HUGE list that always changes…only a few main crushes 😉

7- Whats your favourite shop?Selfridges!

8- Whats the best advice you have ever received ?Never go to bed angry or with hate. Love overcomes ALL!

9- Have you done something in your life you regret so much?Not being there when my dad died and not saying “I Love You” enough

10- If you could tell someone ONE thing right now, what would you say?Nothing lasts forever. Make every second count and just be YOU

11- Whats the funniest thing that’s happened to you ? I won the Company Magazine Style Insider Award

My 11 nominated blogs

1- Sorina M

2- theblondealarmist

3- Daniel Abram

4- enamourmagazine

5- I absolutely love this blog! He already has a following but, just check him out Patrick Latter

6- jennifermdarling

7- jumpforjoyphotoproject

8- Chris Martin

9- Citizen Network

10- TheCoevas Official

11- papadye

My 11 Questions

1- Tell me 2 secrets…
2- If you could go back in time or the future, which would you chose? What would you do? And what’s the reasons behind your answers?
3- Dream big or know your limitations? Why?
4- In 180 words or less, what would you say to your 6/7 year old self?
5- Have you travelled and if yes where too?/Where’s the one place you’d love to travel too if you could?
6- What are your Hopes and Dreams for the next 10 years?
7- Why did you create your blog/website?
8- What makes you, YOU?
9- What are your Talents and Weirdest habits or things about you?
10- Do you believe in God?
11- Do you believe in Love and Soulmates? Explain…

I can’t wait to see your answers! Thank you for reading! AJ x 🙂


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