Jaime Tai Fashion Collection Shoot

Jaime Tai Fashion Collection Shoot

Hey dolls,
As I’ve stated over the past few blog posts, i’ve been given so many opportunities to be part of some amazing shoots. i promised you guys some photo sneak peaks and here they are 🙂 I was there to help with beauty side of the shoot! I can’t really show most of the pics as they haven’t been approved by the designers, but there are a few i can show you 😉

There are some stunning pieces in the collection. I was eyeing the jumpsuit and the dress in particular too!
This was a private collection, but is available to order.

I still cannot get over the location, It was quite historic and country, but the views were absolutely breathtaking and just an all-round amazing day 🙂
It was again so lovely working with such a great team and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here. I hope you like this sneak peek of the shoot and the new items from the very talented Miss Tai!

AJa x

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