Random Post..

Random Post..

Hey dolls!

It’s been a while hey?

I guess my absence has been mainly due to my work schedule and prior commitments…however, my lack of inspiration to post up anything could be seen as a huge factor.

I’m unsure if I’ve stated previously in my other posts how I despise writing posts for the sake of posting something. I love to be inspired by things enough to want to share them with y’all.

Lately I’ve been spending time with family and friends, attending some really cool gigs and working. I’m feeling extremely full of life and so inspired at this moment in time, that I could burst with joy and excitement. I have SO much to share and talk about…this will be hopefully the first of many more posts to come in the next few weeks!!

In the mean time, have your fingers crossed as well as keeping me in your prayers. I hopefully will have something in the pipeline with Missguided UK. I am extremely excited and praying all goes well!

I shall keep you posted!

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @MissAdamaJatta xox

I love you for all your love and support…and if you’re just passing through….Hey, Hey, #Hey!!!!!

AJa xoxo



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