Stay With Me

Stay With Me

I know I should have fought it.
These waterfalls that beat
My cheeks as I purge this sadness.
In the midst of all this madness,
I’ll be the one who laughs last

Just stay with me a minute
Until my tears have dried
And all, my pieces are gathered again
Destroyed all my love in the pain
But hope always pierces through the rain
His light always shows me the way
And love will always conquer my fear

Oh! Oh it’s you that I look up to!
In the rain, you will shelter me
Through my storms, You have called me by name
I will praise you when the darkness is near
Even when jubilation is here
Ever sheer when it comes to your grace
Abundant and forever it stays, over me
Unreserved, yes your grace is enough

By Adama Jatta

Sunday 31st of August 2014 16:10PM


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