Devils & Angels

Devils & Angels


I’m sitting here, all emotional and teary eyed, because the feedback and reaction I got from my last post(s) is beyond anything I ever expected.


It was such a huge thing for me to do…and such a gamble.
They were SO personal and out-there, that I came so close to not pressing that key. If anything I hope it helped someone, somewhere. I hope that you realise that that ‘Lonely Hour’ or deep state of depression you are going through, that I’ve been there and survived. If I can do it and come through it clean, so can you.

I’ve had my moments. They inspire great songs and poetry, in my eyes, as well as an insight into my broken state of mind and heart. I find I write best and more honest when I’m going through whatever, be it happy or sad.

If you liked it. Thank you. If you didn’t. That’s okay too. That’s what makes us, Us. We are all different and unique with different tastes and all that good stuff…but thank you for clicking and at least reading my posts.

For all you new and older subscribers…Let’s do this journey together. Stick With Me.

Our Best Is Yet To Come.

Adama XO


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