New Video up on YouTube!

New Video up on YouTube!

Good morning my loves!

Move just posted a hair review on my YouTube channel 🙂

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Check it out!!


Sleepless In LDN Town… T_T

Sleepless In LDN Town… T_T

So I cannot seem to fall asleep once again! 😦 INSOMNIA SUCKS…BIG TIME!

However, the only upside is that Hunter Hayes is keeping me company with this tune (on constant repeat) 😀

I just love it. It get’s me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Makes my heart smile, which makes me physically smile.

NO I’m not in a relationship. I am infact very much a single girl, but it doesn’t stop me from loving love songs. I actually think listening to love songs whilst still single is amazing. Not disputing the fact that it is not better than listening to it whilst in a relationship. The fact is, I just love it!

…Sooo, yeeeah! -_-

Forgive my VERY-early-morning-INSOMNIA-infused-influenced-generated-ramblings. I’m in a good mood, even with the lack of sleep. I guess with my new followers and views on my blog(s), I have a lot of adrenaline pumping and just feeling hyped and happy :0)

I hope my posts’ make at least one you happy and puts a smile on your faces.

I love you all! Sweet Dreams and Good Night my Beautes…

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses,
AJ xo