New Video up on YouTube!

New Video up on YouTube!

Good morning my loves!

Move just posted a hair review on my YouTube channel 🙂

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Eye-Brow-Eye-Ca-Dow-Brow.. #BENEFITBROWS

Eye-Brow-Eye-Ca-Dow-Brow.. #BENEFITBROWS

Hi beauties!

Haha! A great way to start off the rest of the day..  a bit of cheesey banter never hurt anyone, hey? It’s been a while, and it’s been a lot of promises of blog posts or a YouTube channel. Alas! The time has come!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been to a few events and thus, accumulated quite a few pieces. Enough to maybe do a haul? Let me now if you’d like to see a haul post/video!

Last nights shenanigans took me to the Good Ship Benefit for the launch and relaunch of their amazing brow products! From mind-boggling magic tricks to incredible purple potion cocktails and dashing bar boys, the whole evening itself was magical.

Now to the products. The whole reason for the event. Guys. Oh, my, goodness. They are so beautiful to look at, amazing quality to put on (plus some are waterproof or have a 24hr appliance longevity) and… EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE! Aahhh!!!!!


Three years ago, Benefit embarked on a bold brow mission…to create a collection that magically solves each and every brow dilemma.

• High-performing formulas

• Custom-designed applicators

• Mistake-proof shades

Skimpy brows, patchy brows, barely there brows… all your brow dilemmas instantly disappear! It’s the fun & foolproof way to becoming “your own brow expert.”

..I got to try them ALL, however, we weren’t allowed to take them home as of yet. Benefit have a way of making everything they do extra special. So, that’s what they’re doing. I now await my amazing gifts in the post in a very extra special Benefit Cosmetics way!

Thank you to Aaman and the Benefit Cosmetics team! I had a really good time and can’t wait to be invited back again!

For now, I await my lush products to take my brows from drab to fab!

As always, lots of love..

AJ x

Extra info: Don’t forget.. Benefit‘s new brow products officially launching nationwide on the 24th of June 2016!!


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Currently Crushing on: Maya Diab

Currently Crushing on: Maya Diab

SAM SMITH, John Legend and Chris Brown…

SAM SMITH, John Legend and Chris Brown…

So it’s NO secret at all that i’m totally OBSESSED and IN LOVE with ANYTHING, SAM SMITH!! It’s a miracle that I get to go watch him play live at the Camden Roundhouse for the iTunes Music Festival on the 9th of September 2014, with supporting act SOHN. ALL his shows ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE is SOLD OUT (Well done to him though!! I’m actually SO proud!).

I also get to go watch Calvin Harris and Kiesza and Placebo! Lucky girl huh?!?!? 🙂

So happy with everything and all the places and things and people i get to see! I will TRY and Vlog for my youtube channel, gig! i will TRY!! hahaha

I’m also obsessed with the beautifully talented John Legend and Jhene Aiko! I love Jhene’s The ‘Worst’ as well as others and obviously John’s ‘All Of Me’ and ‘You & I’.

Chris Brown. That’s all I’ll say! This guy has an undeniable talent and he’s using it well! Obsessed! Obsessed! OBSESSED!

I LOVE SAM SMITH!!!!!!!!! And he’s my highlight star of the YEAR!!! Cannot wait to see and hopefully meet him!! 🙂

What’s in My Current Playlist…

What’s in My Current Playlist…

I’m currently loving:

My ABSOLUTE favourites at the moment are: SAM SMITH, John Legend, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, George Ezra, Birdy, Gabriella Aplin, Hillsong Worship, Hillsong Young & Free, Covenant Worship and Pharell Williams.


How You Doin’? *Yawn* o.O

Hey dolls!

I’d like to apologise for my midnight/after hours ramblings. As they say, “Nothing good ever happens after 12/2 AM”…

I was bored and extremely tired…I can sometimes talk crap when there’s lack of sleep/energy in the mix, haha!

..Anyway, I hope you’re all having a fab day!? Let me know what topics or issues you’d like to see me discuss.

AJ xo

Sleepless In LDN Town… T_T

Sleepless In LDN Town… T_T

So I cannot seem to fall asleep once again! 😦 INSOMNIA SUCKS…BIG TIME!

However, the only upside is that Hunter Hayes is keeping me company with this tune (on constant repeat) 😀

I just love it. It get’s me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Makes my heart smile, which makes me physically smile.

NO I’m not in a relationship. I am infact very much a single girl, but it doesn’t stop me from loving love songs. I actually think listening to love songs whilst still single is amazing. Not disputing the fact that it is not better than listening to it whilst in a relationship. The fact is, I just love it!

…Sooo, yeeeah! -_-

Forgive my VERY-early-morning-INSOMNIA-infused-influenced-generated-ramblings. I’m in a good mood, even with the lack of sleep. I guess with my new followers and views on my blog(s), I have a lot of adrenaline pumping and just feeling hyped and happy :0)

I hope my posts’ make at least one you happy and puts a smile on your faces.

I love you all! Sweet Dreams and Good Night my Beautes…

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses,
AJ xo