New Video up on YouTube!

New Video up on YouTube!

Good morning my loves!

Move just posted a hair review on my YouTube channel 🙂

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Check it out!!


I’m on YOUTUBE!!!

I’m on YOUTUBE!!!

Issa(NOTHER) Haul!

Hi Guys!!!!!

It’s definitely been a long while.

I’ve missed blogging and I’ve thoroughly missed interacting with you all on social media and on here.

It’s all about to change.. especially with my debut youtube video! haha

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Love and thank you for your support in advance.. AJ xox


Introducing…Nickayla Rivera

Introducing...Nickayla Rivera

Nickayla popped by for a shoot last Tuesday. I did the hair AND the makeup. She is The nicest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a very long time. Genuinely. Had a blast shooting! So sorry I haven’t posted in forever. Work has been a bit of an overload (No complaints here)…I’ve missed updating you guys on my shoot adventures, but alas! I’ve returned! Xxx

P.S. drop me a message or 3 about your booking enquiries xoxo