New Video up on YouTube!

New Video up on YouTube!

Good morning my loves!

Move just posted a hair review on my YouTube channel 🙂

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Check it out!!



“Love the way you tat me up..”

My current obsession, as always, is Fifth Harmony’s WRITE ON ME:



Album 7/27 is released on May 27th and I cannot wait!


Hope you enjoy it too..

As always, lots of love… AJ xx

Patience.. ‘Be still and Know that I AM GOD’

Patience.. ‘Be still and Know that I AM GOD’

Hi my babes! 🙂

How hot has the weather been lately in LDN Town?!? No lie, I’ve been DRIPPING with sweat the last few days whilst on our public transport, and even when I decided that I’d rather walk across the bridge than spend one more minute in the sauna we call a ‘bus’!



..I’ve missed blogging and missed you guys a lot! Life has thrown me unexpected plot twists the last few months, talk-less of the last few years, but I’m determined to stay positive and stay afloat on what seems to be a sinking ship..

Don’t get me wrong..Life has given me some good times and great times, but the twists and turns in the plot, keep on getting thicker and thicker,not the point where I feel that I cannot take it any longer. I feel suffocated. I feel like I’m bound to a  chair, a mute, forced to watch my life and all those who matter to me most’s life, pass me by; with no way of improving my situations. Invincible.

It’s can be very hard to stay patient in the waiting times. It’s almost impossible and painful at times. My goal is not to rush my story. My goal is to be MY best and live MY BEST, in MY story.

..sometimes, it’s easier said, than done.


Currently Crushing on: Maya Diab

Currently Crushing on: Maya Diab

Random Post..

Random Post..

Hey dolls!

It’s been a while hey?

I guess my absence has been mainly due to my work schedule and prior commitments…however, my lack of inspiration to post up anything could be seen as a huge factor.

I’m unsure if I’ve stated previously in my other posts how I despise writing posts for the sake of posting something. I love to be inspired by things enough to want to share them with y’all.

Lately I’ve been spending time with family and friends, attending some really cool gigs and working. I’m feeling extremely full of life and so inspired at this moment in time, that I could burst with joy and excitement. I have SO much to share and talk about…this will be hopefully the first of many more posts to come in the next few weeks!!

In the mean time, have your fingers crossed as well as keeping me in your prayers. I hopefully will have something in the pipeline with Missguided UK. I am extremely excited and praying all goes well!

I shall keep you posted!

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I love you for all your love and support…and if you’re just passing through….Hey, Hey, #Hey!!!!!

AJa xoxo



Introducing…Nickayla Rivera

Introducing...Nickayla Rivera

Nickayla popped by for a shoot last Tuesday. I did the hair AND the makeup. She is The nicest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a very long time. Genuinely. Had a blast shooting! So sorry I haven’t posted in forever. Work has been a bit of an overload (No complaints here)…I’ve missed updating you guys on my shoot adventures, but alas! I’ve returned! Xxx

P.S. drop me a message or 3 about your booking enquiries xoxo